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  • time consuming, thankless and hard.

    It once was:  But now there is NoiseNet

                         - evidence driven, faster, fairer

Noise Complaint Resolution - Faster and fairer

Council officers know that noise is a huge issue for many of your residents.  You can see it in peoples worn or angry faces.  You can sense the frustration and often the fatigue from relentless noise by night or day.

But the tools you have today are limited.  Statements from complainants or neighbours.  Maybe you have time for 30 minutes to hear for yourself - but you know that this is not enough time to assess a 24/7 problem.

NoiseNet provides officers with affordable noise monitoring.  Hardware and Analysis - presenting results directly to you.  Giving you the understanding to decide how to proceed, and the evidence to back up your case.

With NoiseNet, simply install our device in the field:

  •  No more extensive field observations

  •  No more interviewing 3rd parties

    • You have the facts to discuss with both complainant and the noise maker to bring the issue to a close

The result is fast, fact based resolution of complaints.

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Noise Types:  Animal Noise; Environmental Noise; Urban Noise; 

Image by yns plt
Image by Jose Antonio Gallego Vázquez

NoiseNet is in use by over 60 Authorities in  Australia and 2 Cities in the USA.  We are looking for partners in the UK to deploy our technology.
Stage 1 will be for animal noise complaints, and later in 2022 we will open up our services to include environmental noise.


  • if you are committed, we can start with a free trial to demonstrate the efficacy of our service

Dog Barking - Free Trial

1 month usage of dog barking dashboard including daily reporting


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Animal Noise
Birds and Dogs

1 month trial of dog barking, domestic bird, rooster, plus single legal quality report


Close-up portrait of a singing rooster on a white background. A singing rooster in the ear
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Learn More:  

Our video which provides an overview of our service

or download further information with our brochure and samples of dashboards and our premium legal quality reports for animal noise and for environmental noise.

Meet our Devices



Aviation NoiseNet (2).jpg


Directional Image.JPG


What is the difference with NoiseNet?

We are here to solve your noise complaint issues.  We are NOT here to sell you expensive equipment or complex software.

Hire our device, install it, and we send you the answers.  As simple as that.

We also focus on delivering fully analysed data based on 24/7 monitoring.  Mapping the severity and extent of the noise nuisance, ultimately noise nuisance occurs over the longer term, not in 30 seconds. 

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