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NoiseNet is a Brisbane based start-up helping people prevent and deal with noise. 

The CEO Stuart Clough has experienced it himself, it only takes one intrusive noise source to significantly impact a property. 

NoiseNet commenced with a quiet bang, participating in Australia's first ever data accelerator program, Westpac FuelD. At first NoiseNet advised potential purchasers on how to invest in a quiet property and avoid the disappointment of moving into a noisy home via our property noise rating product..  We realised that not everyone had the foresight to factor in this concern prior to purchasing a new property, but rather most of our clients wanted a cure for existing intrusive noise, so we re-positioned our services. 

NoiseNet primarily works now with noise regulators, providing councils, strata managers and government departments the real facts on the frequency and severity of a noise nuisance so these matters can be resolved rapidly and with confidence. 

Intrusive noise comes from all sides:  Traffic, aircraft, nearby businesses, schools or other public facilities, neighbours and their pets, air-conditioners or pool pumps, trains, entertainment or sporting facilities, industrial areas and the list goes on.

We are here to help so please get in contact with any noise matter and we will help you quieten your surrounds. 

Jon, Acoustic Lead & Co-founder

More about Jon >

Jon is an experienced Acoustical Scientist and Physics graduate.  He has significant experience in the acoustical sector working for a number of years for a major acoustical consulting firm.  Their clients included developers, municipal and state-government.  He also has extensive experience in sound production in the performing sector and has a particular interest in the acoustical design of performance spaces and theatres.  He has extensive skills in data analysis and coding.

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Samuel, Sales Lead

More about Samuel >

Sam is a French-born, Queensland-adopted tech industry veteran. He brings 16 years of experience in marketing and sales to the team, as well as fluency in French and the best steak grilling technique in Australia (to us, at least!). His uniquely broad skill set has been key to landing some of NoiseNet’s biggest clients, and his rapport with our clients is second to none. When he’s not boosting the NoiseNet portfolio, Sam can be found on the local touch footy pitch.

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Stuart, CEO

More about Stuart >

Stuart is a Queensland native who has had an accomplished career as a mechanical engineer and materials scientist for the past twenty-five years. In 2017 he saw a hole in the market and developed the first NoiseNet unit — since then, Stuart and his NoiseNet team have expanded to cover half the world. When he’s not in the workshop, Stuart can be found spending time with his family over a spicy curry, or training for his next marathon.

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Eva, Marketing Lead

More about Eva >

Eva has several years of Marketing experience in different industries. She is born in Luxembourg and speaks four languages fluently. She studied in Germany, France, Australia and the US and holds a Master's degree in International Business from the University of Queensland and a Bachelor degree in Marketing and Communications. Previously, Eva worked at Luxembourg's airline Luxair in the ecommerce department and managed the airline's digital marketing campaigns. She is using her skills to brand and market NoiseNet.

Note - Founding member, since departed, skin still in the game,

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Matt, CTO

More about Matt >

Matt Watson is the CTO of Noisenet. After studying physics and computer science at UQ, he worked there as a tutor for 5 years. During this time he gained software development experience working on a special relativity visualisation tool which was used at the University of Texas. He also worked for education software startup Edutect. He enjoys the challenge of acquiring and analysing complex datasets to create unique insights and value.

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Wilmer, Graduate Engineer

More about Wilmer >

Wilmer is studying a combined Bachelor of Computer Engineering and Project Management degree at the University of Sydney. He has spent his past year in NA, travelling and studying at the University of Pennsylvania and conducting research at the University of Calgary. Wilmer is putting his knowledge to use by assisting NoiseNet on the AI front.

Note - Founding member, since departed 

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Kayette, EA

More about Kayette >

Kayette is an experienced media studies professional with more than a decade of experience across TV and Radio in the Philippines, serving as a writer, video editor, motion graphics artist, and segment producer leading crew. With a passion for theology, Kayette works in part for the Maranatha Christian Academy in Metro Manila. Otherwise she directs her time and skills in assisting our CEO to grow NoiseNet.

    Jake - Copy.jpg
    Jake, Graduate Engineer

    More about Jake >

    Jake completed his Bachelor of  Engineering in Electronics and Energy with First Class Honours at Griffith University in 2019, and received the University Medal at completion of his degree. He also received the Griffith award for academic excellence throughout his degree (2015, 2016, 2017, 2018). In addition to engineering tasks Jake is engaged on NoiseNet report writing and project management.

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    David, Graduate Engineer

    More about David >

    David completed his Bachelor of Electrical Engineering with First Class Honours in 2020, the third employee at NoiseNet to have achieved the highest grade for his thesis, developing NoiseNet technology. David's time is largely spent on hardware engineering of NoiseNet devices.

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    Michelle, USA Operations

    More about Michelle >

    Michelle is NoiseNet’s self-professed resident geek. Based out of Phoenix, Arizona, Michelle brings over 25 years of experience in tech and sales to the team, as well as a Psychology degree and a keen love of home robotics, chemistry, and all things internet. Her broad skill set gives her a big advantage as Head of NoiseNet’s US Operations, able to put herself in the shoes of our customers with ease. When she’s not helping clients, you can find Michelle painting some beautiful watercolours or planning an upcoming block party.

      Thomas, Graduate Engineer

      More about Thomas >

      Thomas is a mechatronics student at the University of Queensland who has been a part of the Noisenet team since 2018. His main duties include developing hardware and manufacturing the noise monitors.

      Our Mission 

      Our Vision 

      Our Goals

      Our mission is to build and deploy world-leading noise monitoring, analysis, and reduction processes on a global scale to deliver life-changing benefits to our customers in their living environments. 

      NoiseNet is striving to become a global leader in shaping a quieter world. Through measuring and analysis on a global scale, our Net will drive better decisions, contributing to quieter, healthier, lower stress environments in which people can enjoy living and working.

      To build the most sophisticated noise monitoring technology, allowing intelligent analysis of noise signals, providing unparalleled information without compromising privacy. 






      CEO & Founder







      NoiseNet start-up team founding members


      NoiseNet is passionate about our customers, here are some of those who have worked with us, and in many cases significantly contributed to the development of our technology.  We encourage you to talk to them about their experiences.

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      Get in touch with us if you want to see why they support us.  An initial trial can be arranged. We know it works because our customers continue to come to us for support in resolving their noise issues.


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