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PinPoint Training Portal

Welcome to the NoiseNet PinPoint training portal.  We look forward to working with you to utilise the latest in high technology noise monitoring.  Providing you with directional data in addition to the noise identification and noise analysis that has made NoiseNet a leader in urban noise management.

Stage 1 - Training Program

Stage 2 - Plan and Notify your first installation

As the PinPoint technology is a little more complex than the standard NoiseNet monitor and because it is often used on more complex jobs, we are offering a concierge service to support you during the installation.  We ask that you make a booking with us for the approximate time you have the installation scheduled. 


This can be done here BOOK CONCIERGE SUPPORT


We also recommend that you submit a first version of the field log, giving us details on the Host Address and the locations of the alleged noise sources (One or more as applicable).  This will help our team be ready to support you as soon as you arrive in the field.     PINPOINT FIELD LOG FORM

Stage 3 - Install and Submit the Field Log

Whether it is your first or your 100th install, capturing all the details while in the field is absolutely critical.  It improves the accuracy of data, it has better credibility as evidence, and it helps make sure that you don't forget any steps in the installation process.  

If you have completed the initial field log in step 2, then please go to your email and re-open the form with the edit link from the confirmation email.  If not you can start a fresh form with the link below.


Stage 4 - Interpreting Results

The interpretation of results will be an ongoing project.  The basic approach to understanding and interpreting results will be provided to you in the training program (see link above).  As we expand and develop the capability and tools on the PinPoint package we will release progressive updates into the training system for you to learn more.

Please remember, the PinPoint tool has incredible, flexible capabilities.  We are looking to build out this capability to suit the problems that you are most frequently facing.  If you have a problem to be solved, please get in touch.

Stage 5 - If in doubt ASK!

Please get in touch if you have any questions about the service.  You can do this by:


Phone: 044 88 44 964 (Australia)          USA: 480 439 8788          UK/Europe:  +44 330 818 2050

we are a small team and not always able to answer the phone immediately.  PLEASE leave us a message so we can get back in touch.

Book a Meeting:  Use the LINK above to book a meeting with one of our team.  This has the advantage that we can set up a screenshare which may be useful in analysing results, asking questions about the device or simply a chance to see our faces :) .

Thanks from the whole NoiseNet team.


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