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Noise Complaints

NoiseNet smart noise monitoring allows the analysis of noise to precisely determine the intensity and frequency of noise nuisance.  Designed and priced for long-term monitoring there is no better way to prove / resolve your noise nuisance.

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NoiseNet works extensively with noise regulators.  Using our smart noise monitoring, we provide regulators with more extensive and more complete evidence than ever available before.  And it is likely cheaper than your current slow and labour intensive processes as well.

Real Estate Agent
Strata Noise Monitoring

We can provide strata managers and body corporates with the facts from the field, so you can decide and act with confidence.  You will have court quality data to back up your decisions and any enforcement decisions.


Close your eyes.  Rely on sound alone.  What does it tell you about your current environment?  NoiseNet can automate that process​​.  Gathering useful data cheaply and efficiently: Road safety, crowd mood, noise nuisance and much more.

Aviation Noise

Aviation noise affects millions of people on an hourly basis.  Yet conventional assessments of noise rely on models only for >95% of affected people.  Every single noisenet monitor, regardless of its current job can also measure aviation noise as an add on service.  It is cheap, scaleable and as our devices are moved regularly, is capable of mapping aircraft noise over wide areas.

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