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NoiseNet Training Portal

The training portal provides a range of resources to permit NoiseNet staff, contractors and users of our technology with information on how to work with the NoiseNet monitoring technology.

Stage 1 - Monitor installation and job preparation

Resources for installation are: 

   -  Noise Monitor Installation and Job Preparation Manual  --->               

   -  Field Report Template

   (to capture details of installation, assisting in report generation)  --->

   -  Monitor Installation Video PART 1

NoiseNet Monitor Installation Video Part1

NoiseNet Monitor Installation Video Part1

Play Video

   -  Monitor Installation Video PART 2

NoiseNet Installation Video Part2

NoiseNet Installation Video Part2

Play Video

Stage 2 - Field Log Forms and Dashboard

NoiseNet has developed two electronic field log forms.

These are editable forms that allow you to capture information and photographs in the field directly from your mobile device or tablet.  Upon submission of the forms, you will receive an email with an edit link that allows you to modify or add to the field report (for instance putting in a map image once you are back in the office).  There are two forms, one for installation and one for device removal.

Both forms should ideally be completed at the same time the installation / removal is taking place.  This ensure the best quality data is captured, tracks time/date more closely as well as GPS location.

Links to the forms are:

Installation Log:

Removal Log: 

Remember, the NoiseNet team is always available to support your installation process.  If you are in doubt, please call.

Stage 3 - Interpreting Results

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