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Noise Complaint? We are here to help

We offer fast and fair noise complaint resolution.

Intrusive noise is stressful. It’s scientifically proven that constant noise can harm our physical and mental health.

Even in quiet suburbs it can become disruptive.

Where do you turn in order to resolve the matter? Councils hand off most of the work to you, and if you don’t gather the right evidence your complaint is likely to be ignored.


NoiseNet is the quickest way to get your noise complaint resolved.  Fill out your details in our form below, and we will get started on finding you a solution.

Our services start by communicating with the noisemaker.  At the same time, we’ll raise an official complaint with your local council. 

If that doesn't solve the problem, we’ll carry out automated monitoring at your property, to prove the existence of the nuisance. 

We then submit this information, with your involvement, to the relevant regulator. NoiseNet is used by over 30 councils across Australia, so our results are credible and respected. 

This evidence makes your complaint faster and easier for the Council to enforce. In some areas, the council may rebate charges where a noise nuisance is proven.

Have a question? Visit our FAQ page for answers to some common questions.

Next STEP:  Give us the details.

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*Total noise complaint service is only available where supported by applicable regulators in specific geographical locations and for certain types of noise complaint. We will discuss this with you once we have more details about your noise issue.

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