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Invest in a quiet property and avoid the disappointment of moving into a noisy home

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NoiseNet analyses the noise impact on residential properties. Resolving your noise complaints or advising you of problems before you move-in.  We use the latest technology so you can enjoy the luxury of tranquility in your own home






Industrial Zoning

Animal Noise


We help you make better decisions when buying a home.

Or help you resolve noise issues in your current residence.

We also work with noise regulators, providing councils, strata managers and government departments the real facts on the frequency and severity of a noise nuisance so you can resolve the issues rapidly and with confidence.



Noise Rating

Property Noise Risk Assessment

 On-site Noise Monitoring

Regulatory Noise Monitoring

Our simple 1-5 rating gives you an overview of the noise levels around your property. 

Our assessment gives you a breakdown of all the relevant noise sources as for example flight path, traffic, rail or schools.

The service uses high tech sound equipment to tailor a detailed report to your specific property, based on neighbors, dogs, air conditioning, and others.

A cost effective, fast and reliable way for regulators to gather real data to manage/ enforce noise regulations.

NoiseNet resolves noise problems impacting on your home environment.

NoiseNet Channel

NoiseNet Channel

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Great way to guarantee you're not being lied to about noise in your new neighbourhood or home.


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Ready to avoid buying a noisy home?

Get your Noise Rating today. 

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