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Certified Unidirectional Smart Noise Monitor

The Certified Smart Noise Monitor provides the same functionality as the Smart Noise Monitor, but also includes:

  • Certified noise level readings on a 24/7 basis in dB(A) or dB(C)

  • All devices deployed with valid 3rd party NATA certification

  • Results comply with IEC 61672.1-2004 (Standards Australia 2004a)

The devices are ideal for a much wider range of applications than our standard smart noise monitor, including:  AC, Pool Pump, Industrial Noise, Environmental Health / EPA compliance work.

NoiseNet is focussed on automated solutions that drive cost-effective monitoring for our customers.  Currently we offer daily dashboarding of results for the following noise types:

  • Animal Noise (dog barking, roosters)

  • Amplified Music/ Crowd Noise/ Talking

  • Mechanical Noise (general)

We offer consultant style reports covering these noise types, suitable for regulatory assessment and will defend these in court if required (extra service).  These reports cover the above nuisance types plus a wider range:

  • Mechanical Noise (specific) individual AC, Pool Pump, Compressors, Generators and others

  • Vehicle noise

  • Aviation noise

  • please get in touch to discuss if you have other noise issues to be monitored/measured.

To assist in communication of your needs, we recommend you complete a monitoring request form, which will help us understand your needs and working through the best hardware and monitoring approach to deliver the required outcome.  There is no obligation in providing this data. 

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