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Making resolution of noise complaints fast, affordable and fact-based

Noise creation is a 24/7 problem in strata properties.  But strata managers don't have the time to be everywhere all the time.  So identifying noise issues, and quantifying them in a rigorous way is impossible.  NoiseNet is using Internet of Things technology and Artificial Intelligence approaches to bring down the cost of noise monitoring.

We can provide strata managers and body corporates with the facts from the field, so you can decide and act with confidence.  You will have court quality data to back up your decisions and any enforcement decisions.

Smart Noise Monitoring

Low-cost noise IoT powered monitoring systems gathering the right data in the right locations.

Providing you with a detailed map of noise levels over time, placing the devices in areas of concern.

Our Artificial Intelligence System allows us to determine the type of noise to further support your actions.

All Noise Types

Our technology can be applied to the full range of noise issues in buildings or residential environments:

  • Pets (dogs and more)

  • Air conditioners or plant noise

  • Party noise or antisocial behaviour

  • Amplified music or TV

  • Floor impact noise

  • External noise (roads, garbage trucks, aircraft, rail...)

Directional Noise Monitoring

Our next generation tech tells us where the noise is coming from.  Perfect to resolve floor-ceiling noise complaints, as well as determining which apartment or property is the source of noises.

Tied with our AI system we provide a detailed log of noise type and source direction.  Giving you all the evidence needed to resolve your issues.


Whether our analysis shows there is a problem or there isn't a problem, you have the facts at your disposal.  Either the data to be able to make a warning / enforce penalties.  Or you have the data to be able to let the complainant know that the noise levels are within acceptable bounds (or nothing at all was detected).

Utilising our service shows the complainant that you are taking their issue seriously.

Then the facts speak for themselves


A solution that owners and strata managers can agree on.

In-Property Noise Monitoring:  catch the issue at source

By placing a NoiseNet smart noise monitor inside a holiday letting or Air BnB apartment, we can control the noise issue at source.  Immediate alerts of excessive noise can be provided to the letting agent, owner, strata manager.

Noise Data presented on a dashboard.  SMS and email alerts available on pre-set thresholds of noise intensity


Catch and manage a party house before it gets out of control

Our technology has been deployed into councils and governments across Australia.  It is the affordable way to measure and manage noise data.  With potential to benefit residents, managers and owners.

We are rolling out our noise solutions into the strata-space with two partners in Queensland.  We are looking for additional partners with noise issues to solve that want to work with us to deploy and prove our technology in this application.

Please get in touch:   
Call 1800 266 479  or email on 

and let us solve your noise issues.

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