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Noise Complaint Resolution

Resolving noise complaints is hard.  It creates tension, friction and for many people you don't get the result you want.  Working out where to report the noise, what information to provide council or their equivalent, and when to chase the incident is critical to resolving the complaint.

For regulators, typically there is an absence of data.  You have multiple people giving conflicting stories.  If you do gather data, it is only for a matter of hours - which is insignificant in the scope of noise issues that extend 24/7 for weeks or longer - but may be the best you are capable of without assistance.

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Prove your noise problem - Monitoring

By installing a NoiseNet fixed noise-monitor at a complainant or neutral property, you can gather the facts on the severity of any noise complaint.

It allows you to make a clear, supported decision on whether to move to enforcement, or to reject a complaint.

We use highly efficient technology and automated analysis using our own proprietary acoustic and artificial intelligence tools.

Saving you the trouble and cost of gathering and listening to hours of audio recordings or field observation.

Regulatory Noise Monitoring

~$20 per day

Progress Report: Yes

Sample Duration:  2 weeks extendable

Noise Sources Covered:

Targeted source for specific complaint type

Noise Sources Excluded:

Qualitative indicator of other noise types provided, but without analysis

Day/Night (24/7): Yes

Exceedance Monitoring: 

Assessment of frequency, duration and

noise levels by calibrated but

uncertified monitoring device.
Aligned to relevant standards for noise type and geographical location.

Noise Type Identification: Identified by noise

Evidence Quality: Proven in court, plus accurate selective analysis and ability to recall audio for periods in exceedance.

Phone Consultations: Yes

Required: 240V Power


  • Dog Barking Analysis

  • Airconditioners / Pool Pumps

  • Unregistered Workshops

  • Construction Noise

  • Entertainment Venues

Start Working with NOISENET - NEXT

Available today for dog barking and coming soon for other noise types.  Daily noise results presented direct to your inbox.  Giving you the best available data.

The service is also so simple to use, we are now posting the devices directly to complainants.  They can then install the devices themselves.  Saving you time and money and ensuring Covid-19 compliance and continuation of service.

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Dog Barking Results - Interpretaton Guide


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