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Everyday activities to help you relax

It's hard to find time in our busy lives, especially when we can be bombarded with messages, emails, and news at every hour of the day. Taking a minute to stop, breathe and reflect has numerous health benefits, but it's often overlooked in our busy schedules. Here are some simple ways to relax and take away the stress of the city.

1. Eat some chocolate

You don't have to binge, but just one square of chocolate has been proven to calm peoples nerves. Dark chocolate, just like red wine, is great for regulating the level of stress in the body by stabilising levels of cortisol.

2. Cut up a mango

Mangos are full of linalool which helps lower stress. They are also a delicious way to take a five-minute break without leaving the office chair.

3. Chew some gum

Gum is actually a great way to manage stress levels in just a couple of minutes. It has been proven to lower cortisol levels, which is great for your overall health.

4. Close your eyes

Go to the bathroom stall or turn off your phone for five minutes and simply close your eyes. Try to focus on breathing in and out. If you can't clear your mind, try to start counting backward.

5. Lay Your Head on a Cushion or Pillow

This might seem stupid, especially if you work in a big office, however it could be a great thing to implement into the workplace. Have a corner with some pillows where people can go and rest their head for a few minutes. Some people like to imagine the pillow is sucking stress out of their minds. When they get up, they feel less worried about returning to their work.

6. Buy a stress ball

Stress balls aren't as overrated as they appear. It's a small and easy way you can carry around stress relief with you. Relieving tension is an important part of dealing with your stress, and it saves you taking it out on family, friends or expressing road rage in peak hour.

7. Drip Cold Water On Your Wrists

Your wrist is home to major arteries and cooling the areas around can have a calming effect on your whole body. All you need to do is turn on the tap and let it drip over your wrists. You can also splash some behind your ears.

8. Brush your hair

This goes for ladies and gentlemen. Having a brush of your hair is like a head massage and a beauty routine all in one. It gives you an activity that will make you stop, use both your hands and relax. You should even count up to 100 to maximise the time out from your busy morning or night.

More than anything, we have to try to get a better night of sleep because stress is amplified by exhaustion. It's important for our health to take time out of the day, and it's only a few minutes away for everyone.

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