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How much would you pay for luxurious silence?

As our lives are moving faster and faster and we are increasingly "always on". Noise is taking a toll on our minds and bodies. The cacophony of sound makes our lives stressful which impacts on our bodies through higher levels of stress hormones, damage to our immune system and impairing our bodies ability to repair and rebuild.

A small but growing minority of people have realised the impact that noise has to their productivity, health and wellbeing and are looking for ways to actively reduce the noise pollution in their lives. Following are some examples of how people are choosing quieter options. Silence as Luxury:

Large brands as Bosch, Dyson, Logitech and Samsung are trying to prioritize noise reduction in their designs. Poppy Szkiler of Quiet Mark in the UK says “Given the choice, we’ve found that consumers will automatically opt for a quieter product if performance is unaffected”. Imagine a life where you can barely hear the vacuum cleaner.

There are huge differences in sound levels between machines although the quality and function is the same. Quiet Mark is a service that lets customer know that a product is both high quality and quiet, allowing them to make the right product choices based on the assessment of sound levels.

An interesting documentary “In Pursuit of Silence”, (also a product of Poppy Szkiler) explores the relationship of individuals with silence and what impact noise has on our lives. The documentary starts with 4 minutes of “silence” showing beautiful shots and scenes with some quiet sounds which can be very opposed to the action movies, which we usually watch and where the focus is more on adrenaline rush. It is an awareness building exercise, reminding us how the world has changed.

Many high-end resorts are offering now noise detoxes to relax and enjoy the peacefulness. The main goal of noise detoxes is to improve patients’ medical conditions, as for example high blood pressure, palpitations and other conditions are disappearing during their stay according to Barry Gotch who is managing the Mahogany Springs Lodge. These noises detox aren’t a hype, doing noise fasts as visiting mountains or the desert is a great way to drop in stress and return to the old balance with the quiet environment.

With this in mind, Arline Bronzaft, an environmental psychologist says: “Finding a quiet home is key; come and see the property in the evening, sit still and listen. Double check if it has doubled paned windows and noisy neighbors”. We spend so much time in our homes, and importantly, that time is typically where we rest and regenerate. If there is one quiet place in your life, make sure it is your home.

NoiseNet in Australia is helping customers to avoid the risk of noise in their home. Around 25% of people report that noise is a significant issue at their home. NoiseNet provides noise reporting and monitoring services for home-buyers, allowing them to avoid the very significant risk of purchasing a noisy property.

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