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Don't trust your senses when it comes to property noise

I speak from experience here. Determining if a property is free from noise is not easy. I have got it wrong a couple of times in my life and I have spent the last few years working out how you can avoid the same mistake.

25% of people report that noise is their biggest issue after buying a property and half of them say they would definitely not have bought if they knew about the noise beforehand.

Intrusive noise affects your ability to relax, to sleep, to work, your productivity and even your health.

Even professionals in the acoustics area can make this mistake. We tend to trust our own ears. 10 minutes of quiet time at a property does not indicate what the noise levels are over the 24/7 cycle.

NoiseNet provides a service for homebuyers allowing them to find out about noise at a property before they buy. Even these services are not a 100% guarantee, but they are the best approach available. Although reasonably priced, paying for this service is not for everyone. So what are some of the things that you can look out for yourself when buying.