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Barking Noise Complaint? 

  • NoiseNet Dashboard helps you resolve complaints    faster, cheaper and fairer

Noise Complaint Resolution - Faster and fairer

Please provide your details in the form below and we will send you additional information on our service, examples of the dashboard and legal-quality reports and a price listing for th services.

To truly understand the power of our service to make barking complaints easier to manage, you need to try the service.  To make that easy we, a special deal available for Victorian Councils is running now.  A free trial of 1 month duration to test our dashboard service to manage dog barking investigations.

If the trial commences in December we will extend it to 6 weeks duration so our equipment can work, while you deal with whatever Christmas & New Year throw at you.


Signing up below will secure your place in the queue for a free trial.  We will contact you to confirm participation.  There is no obligation to carry out the trial or to continue to use our services.  The trial includes daily dashboard results each working day providing you with 24/7 data on the amount of total barking in the vicinity of the noise monitor.  Additional legal quality reports are available for a charge if additional analysis is required, or verification is required to assure the results are ready to be presented/defended in court.

Trial offers will be deployed on a first-in basis.  We have a limited number of devices available so we strongly advise requesting the trial promptly to ensure there are not excessive delays.

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