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Barking Noise Complaints in Phoenix? 

  • NoiseNet Dashboard helps you resolve complaints  faster, cheaper and fairer

Noise Complaint Resolution - Faster and fairer

Currently your animal control team are forced to undertake time consuming evidence gathering and often trying to work out who is telling the truth.


With NoiseNet Dashboard, simply install our device in the field:

  • No more field observations

  • No more interviewing 3rd parties

  • You have the facts to discuss with both complainant and the animal owner

The result is fast, fact based resolution of complaints.


NoiseNet is offering a limited number of free trials for councils to test out our service and technology.  A practical way of deploying Smart-City technology to bring immediate and real benefits to your residents and your budget.

We have a limited number of devices available so we advise signing up promptly to avoid delays.

Learn More:  

Our video which provides an overview of our service

or download further information with our brochure and samples of dashboards and our premium legal quality report.

Next STEP:  Give us some details and we can get you more information.  Or get your free trial started.

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