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Where did that noise come from?

NoiseNet has now released for trial purposes our new directional noise monitors. We have completed 2 jobs now with these new devices and have achieved some fantastic results (after a lot of data wrangling). The device uses 8 microphones to capture audio then calculates the direction of noise by measuring time differences across the different microphones (its really complex - but our system and some genius developers in behind it, makes it simple for you to use).

Now we are able to identify the noise type and the direction from which it has come. This has been used to identify which dog was causing a nuisance and to prove that noises in an apartment were definitely coming from the unit above.

We are now looking for more customers who want to utilise this service. As it is still in development, it takes us longer to analyse the data, but we are fully manually checking all the results to ensure the quality of what you receive.

If knowing where a noise comes from will make your noise complaint easier to resolve. Please get in touch.

Noisenet: 1800 266 479 Service Requests: CLICK HERE

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