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Banner photo credit: Nan Palmero

San Antonio Noise Taskforce

The management of noise nuisance in San Antonio was not working for the community.  Local ordinance made the police service responsible for responding, investigating and prosecuting noise issues.  However as many of the noise complaints occur at times where the PD are busy with more urgent duties, little was being done.  The City of San Antonio agreed to complete a 6 month trial putting their code enforcement officers in the field to help with the responding and investigation of cases, before passing serious cases on to the PD for enforcement and prosecution.

San Antonio has engaged the services of Music Noise Cities, a consuting specialist in managing urban noise.  Driving a communication based approach to finding the best solutions to each noise issue.
NoiseNet is supporting this trial by providing our monitoring services to assess identified critical sites on a 24/7 basis, providing a better evidence base for investigation/assessement.



The graph below shows the decibel readings (MAX, LA-90[background], Current, LEQ[10 minute average); overlaid with the detection (% time) that talking is detected. Talking also captures music, yelling, etc..  Use the slider at bottom to zoom.



The map shows the approx location of the monitoring device.  The location is marked by the telephone tower Icon.

Note: As the device may be moved regularly the location currently showing may not correspond with all the data in the graph above.

If GPS positions are not detectable, the location will register 0,0 latitude/longitude, which will show the device in the ocean.

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