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Why people hate moving house

A fresh start may be just what you need, but to get there takes hard work and more than a little frustration.

Moving house can either be the best time in your life, or more than likely, the worst and most tedious of times. Here are just some of the many reasons people hate moving house.

1. There's so much rubbish you need a house-sized skip bin

As you start to take your house apart, you're going to start finding the treasure, but mostly trash you have collected over the years. Tupperware with missing lids, McDonald's toys, Newspapers, pens without ink and so much more. Why did you hold on to all these useless items? Nobody will ever know.

If finding enough rubbish bags to fit all the junk wasn't hard enough, trying to fit it all into your bin is worse.

2. Unidentified objects that look like they could be important

You're going to come across things that look like hinges, screws, batteries and all sorts of important parts of a whole. What is the mysterious item they came from? Our guess is as good as yours.

You now have the hard decision of keeping the anonymous item, hoping one day you will find where it is from or chuck it out, only to realise in a few months it was a major piece of the blender.

3. You realise you have way too many clothes

Oh hey, there's the jacket I bought in the 90s and wore once for a couple of hours.

Sorting through clothes is one of the least favored moving activities. You'll realize while you own thousands of clothes and accessories, it feels like you've only ever worn 10% of your wardrobe.

On the positive side, you might find old garments which you can give a new life or even a new home.

4. The 'everything' drawer.

Even the tidiest of people have one of these. It's the place in your house which houses everything that can't be categorised. Trying to sort it out takes hours, even days. You can't even begin to think where to put these items and you know they are all going to end up in a similar drawer of shame in your next house anyway.

5. You're so tired and it's never ending

Cleaning up and packing up is tough work. You'd love to be able to relax but there are clothes all over the bed and the kitchen is a mess. The exhaustion is making you hate the moving experience even more than normal.

6. The big clean

It's no regular cleaning day, it's an industrial 'polish every crack in the wall' style. The whole house wreaks of bleach and you've definitely touched all the chemicals that say 'avoid contact with skin.'

When you come to this step, you're almost done. Take off your hospital grade cleaning gloves and pour yourself a glass of wine. After all, you now have to move into another house and do it all over again.

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