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The QLD properties earning money by the hour

This week released the suburbs in Queensland with the highest capital gains. These properties value is surpassing the average wage and bringing in money for the owners at all hours of the day, even while they are also working at their day job.

HOUSES (source:

1. Kurwongbah 32% gain; $452.05 a day; $79.33p/hour

2. Yeerongpilly 28.2%; $506.85 a day; $88.94p/hour

3. Willowbank 27.7%; $246.58; $43.27

4. Corinda 25.6%; $457.53; $80.29

5. Brightview 23.1%; $164.38; $28.85

6. Indooroopilly 22%; $495.89; $87.02

7. Chuwar 21.7%; $273.97; $48.08

8. Chandler 21.5%; $724.66; $127.16

9. Boonah 20.9%; $157.53; $27.64

10. Basin Pocket 20.6%; $132.88; $23.32

Four of the listed suburbs are found in Brisbane withYeerongpilly, Corinda, Indooroopilly, and Chandler all leading the way for maximum capital gain achieved through rent. In Ipswitch, the top suburbs are Willowbank, Brightview, and Chuwar.

Brisbane was in the spotlight in late 2017 after it's housing market remained relatively stagnant compared to Melbourne and Sydney, which saw 1 bedroom units suddenly being sold for $900 000.

For Brisbane, things haven't been as active in the last decade. Ten years ago, the median price for a house was $425,000. As of late 2017, a decade on, it was $657,500.

Last years, Brisbane's median house price only rose by 1.2 per cent.

On the bright side, the less inflation being suffered by the Brisbane housing market has meant it's been marked safe. There is less lending in the market compared to Sydney and Melbourne. As a result, buyers will be less affected by interest rates in the coming years, if they rise in unprecedentedly

For houses in the top listing suburb Kurwongbah, investors in Brisbane are earning up to $452.05 per day. This is an income of over $250 000 annually, earning more than accountants and future traders in the Australian Taxation Office.

If you are renting out a home in Indooroopilly, the $180 000 you would be earning from the property would be more than the salary of a deputy public servant. Yeerongpilly homeowners can also be earning up to $185 000 per anum, the same as some surgeons.

For these prices, you would hope you can get a good night of sleep. NoiseNet now can give customers a detailed Noise Report on the types of noises which may affect a property and peak times these sounds occur. Some of these risks come from zoning and nearby business.

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