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News Release: Introducing Brisbane's noisiest suburbs

NoiseNet's recent statistical analysis of 90 000 residential properties in the Brisbane City Council area has given new insights into the noisiest and quietest places to live.

The study incorporates calculations of noise levels at each of the properties including aircraft, traffic and rail noise. It also includes the impacts of local zoning and the presence of noise from public facilities and businesses.

The properties analysed were all 3 bedroom houses (apartments were excluded). Suburbs with less than 30 results were excluded to ensure statistical validity.

The ratings provided by NoiseNet are on a scale of 1 (quiet) to 5 (loud) and include the combined impact of the different components of noise.

The 7 Loudest Suburbs in Brisbane:

Aircraft noise was a significant factor in these suburbs, with 6 out of 7 suburbs under either the Brisbane Airport or Archerfield flightpaths. All of the top 7 suburbs also have an impact from rail lines carrying both passenger and freight rail.

NoiseNet CEO Stuart Clough said: "Everyone understands that noise can have a significant effect on your quality of life. Between impacting on your sleep, to ruining your enjoyment of your home, it is a serious issue. Increasingly noise has been linked with damage to both mental and physical health."

The results show Pinkenba has high aircraft noise with significant zoning noise (industrial zones) and moderate traffic noise.

Archerfield has the combination of zoning noise, high road noise, and somewhat high aircraft noise. The seven Hills rating is mainly driven by aircraft noise.

NoiseNet also generated a list of the top 7 quietest suburbs in the Brisbane City Council area.

These suburbs are all rural or incorporate large areas of bushland. They also are out of the way of major highways, rail lines, and aircraft flight paths.

Mr. Clough said: "Although further out from the city, an extra 20-30 minute of commuting may not be such a bad deal if you are getting a few extra hours of deep sleep every night. Plus you could save hundreds of thousands in property prices."

In analysing noise, it is critical to assess the noise level at an individual property. The properties with the highest aircraft noise will be nearer to the airport (e.g. Eagle Farm and Hamilton), but it's important to note there are also properties in the area which are significantly less affected. In the 'quiet suburbs,' there will also be homes that are individually rated as loud.

NoiseNet has today launched its property noise rating and reporting service. It allows prospective renters or homebuyers to enter a property address on their website to receive a customised analysis of the noise level at that property, for free.

A paid report is also available that provides greater detail, including calculated decibel levels and indications of noise sources, times of impact and recommendations on how to better understand the noise issues.

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