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Include the luxury of silence in your next home

You wouldn't dream of buying a property without a building inspection. The risk of damp, termites, poor electrical systems, structural damage, a leaking roof and much more makes a $600 inspection look very cheap and attractive. It also has the benefit of giving you a chance to negotiate a better price for any minor issues identified.

In reality, there's another costly risk which causes just as much trouble for new homeowners. New data from NoiseNet reveals 25% of people say that intrusive noise is the biggest issue in their new home. This is the same number of people reporting building problems.

Noise has been proven to damage your sleep, to impact your enjoyment of a property, to increase stress levels, contribute to mental and physical health problems. Noise is a 24/7 challenge, and the majority of buyers spend less than 3 hours at a property before buying it. People say they will go back in the evening for a listen - but few do - and even then, usually for less than an hour.

Stuart Clough the founder and CEO of NoiseNet said: "It only takes one intrusive noise source to significantly impact a property. We receive calls from people on a daily basis where noise has become a nightmare, and it's often hard to fix." Intrusive noise can originate from all sides of a house and may include traffic, aircraft, nearby businesses, schools, sports grounds, neighbours and their pets, air-conditioners, pool pumps, trains, entertainment/sporting facilities or industrial areas.

In Brisbane, Queensland, there are over 25 thousand complaints pertaining to noise annually.

"Most people we talk to have their own horror story about Noise at some point in their lives. Usually, they check that one factor when they move again. To really minimize your risk, you need to check out all the factors of noise," said Mr. Clough. Recognising that buying a home is one of the busiest times, NoiseNet offer services to homebuyers to cheaply and quickly assess the risk of noise at a property or even monitor the noise levels 24/7 over a longer period of time. They are the only company providing this service anywhere in the world.

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