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Listen up; new home buyers.

You wouldn’t dream of buying a property without a building inspection, but what about the things you can’t see?

Australian startup NoiseNet is helping people listen before they buy and make an informed purchasing choice. NoiseNet is proud to announce the launch of a new service which will revolutionise the home buying experience.

The new ‘Property Noise Rating’ has been launched on the 14th of February and is a simple way to find out if your new home has a noise problem. To get a rating, people just need to send NoiseNet the address of their potential new home and they will receive a FREE rating between 1 to 5 based on traffic, flight paths, zoning and other historical NoiseNet data; all within a few hours.

An example of how this service might work is for someone who is selling and looking to move somewhere in the same suburb, or someone who wants to list their house on the market and wants to prove it is in a good location

NoiseNet CEO Stuart Clough says: “for 24% of people, intrusive noise is the biggest issue in their new home. This is the same number that report building problems.”

This data is from a recent survey of 500 respondents. Mr Clough has personal experience in being affected by intrusive noise at home.

“Noise has been proven to damage your sleep, to impact your enjoyment of a property, to increase stress levels, contribute to mental and physical health problems,” He says.

NoiseNet recognises that buying a home will be the biggest investment of your life and therefore offers a range of affordable services to assess the risk of noise at that property. On top of the free noise rating, customers can opt to pay for a ‘Noise Risk Assessment.’ This $60 service provides a report, highlighting the sources of noise.

For those already living with noise problems, there’s also a service that can be used to gather evidence for noise reporting or complaints to council. This is executed through a NoiseNet ‘On-Site Monitoring’ device which is physically installed in the home and will monitor noise levels 24/7 over longer periods.

NoiseNet are currently the only company providing this service anywhere in the world. The company predicts this is not only providing people with crucial information about their property or potential property, but may even enhance an ability to bargain on a home rated as noisy.

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