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The beginning of NoiseNet

It's the first day NoiseNet. Maybe I should start by saying where the idea came from. My personal experience has seen me living in houses which were beautifully quiet - and others where noise was a real issue.

Everyone has their own sensitivity to noise - not just the volume but the duration, time of day and also the type of noise.

NoiseNet is about helping people to understand their own noise tolerance, and to think about what that means for them. It's then about matching this tolerance with the purchase/rent of a house where you will spend much of your waking time and sleeping time.

Knowing what you want and knowing the facts will allow you to make the best choices in choosing a place to live. Everyone makes a compromise - on price, on space, on location, on style of house or quality of build. With NoiseNet, you can at least be more informed about what that compromise will sound like in your new home.

When it comes to noise, we judge a property based on a viewing or two, usually no more than one hour in length. NoiseNet gives you a more holistic view of what noise is really like 24/7 at a property.

I hope I can assist you to make a more informed decision the next time you buy a property.

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