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Would you hug a new employee on a first meeting?

Okay forgive a clickbait title. But FINALLY, after 2 years working together, I finally get to meet our USA Manager Michelle Gaylor in real life!

Michelle has been a godsend to NoiseNet, stepping in as Covid and illness trashed our first attempt to get NoiseNet launched in the USA. Bringing huge enthusiasm, technical knowledge, a wonderful

engagement with our customers and the ability to make things happen, she has allowed us to continue learning about the US market through 2020 and into 2022. At last, we got the chance to meet, with a couple of days together in Phoenix before we are attending CACEO and TACA conferences in California and Texas over the coming few weeks. After the first hug and a day of work, the team (and Michelles husband Mark) had a great meal together, then we capped it off the next morning with an ascent of Piestwa peak in Phoenix. A challenging climb rewarded with an awesome view.

(P.S. don't hug a new employee on your first meeting)

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