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NoiseNet is coming to the United Kingdom!

I'm thrilled to let you know that NoiseNet is entering the UK market.

Please allow me to introduce NoiseNet and the work we are doing with councils, local governments and regulators in Australia and the United States of America.

What problems do we solve?

In a nutshell, noise and noise complaints. Noise complaints between neighbours are among the most significant sources of calls to local government everywhere.

We, NoiseNet, provide solutions to assist with the management and resolution of noise complaints. We are commercialising comprehensive smart noise monitoring solutions (monitoring devices + analysis) to Code Enforcement and Environmental Health departments, as well as Rangers (handling animal-related complaints in Australia) across Australia and the United States).

What are our innovative solutions?

The NoiseNet solution is a combination of user-friendly, proprietary, hardware devices (smart noise monitoring devices) backed by extensive data and automated analysis.

We gather the 24/7 data that provides a comprehensive assessment of the nuisance, not just a short snapshot. Results are delivered to your inbox every morning. Allowing you to decide when the case is ready to close.

Our product is plug-and-play. Users can install and plug the device, and the monitoring starts straight away with results delivered on a daily basis directly to the investigating officer. Once sufficient data is captured to resolve the case, the monitoring devices can, once the job is done, then be moved to another location of interest and the process repeated. We provide councils and local governments with the tools to help their residents find tranquillity. Our solution is cheaper, faster and fairer.

Who are we?

NoiseNet is a Brisbane-based start-up (founded in 2018) helping people prevent and deal with noise nuisance and complaints through an automated, objective process. NoiseNet primarily works with noise regulators, providing councils, strata managers and government departments with the real facts on the frequency and severity of a noise nuisance so these matters can be resolved rapidly and with confidence.

Try the NoiseNet technology for free

When councils try the NoiseNet devices, they do adopt them. So, we have an ongoing program of free trials for our standard Dog Barking Dashboard service. This gives you a month to test the service and enough time to resolve between 2 and 4 different noise cases. And we work with councils as partners to match needs. All (free) value. Zero obligation.

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