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Launch Your Noise Pollution Solution For Cheaper Than Ever This EOFY Season

For many local and state governments, the turn of the financial year is basically Christmas in July (or June, if you will). It’s the time of the year when budgets get refreshed, new ideas are floated, and new projects are funded. Before that happens, budgets can be so tight that departments need to scrimp and save to tide themselves over. However, the nature of 2023’s resource shortages means that many departments have unused labour budgets and potentially lower spending in other areas too. At a time when everybody’s short on resources, and the piles of work just seem to keep growing, it seems cruel to be losing those unspent budget dollars.

In the past, this would have been the perfect time to buy some extra inventory, hire a short-term consultant, or pick up some equipment. This year, however, you could take advantage of one of NoiseNet’s two new EOFY deals.

Normally, our best value contracts begin with pre-paying for a 6 month duration of access to NoiseNet monitoring – for the June-July 2023 end of financial year period, we’re dropping that limit down to 4 months. That still includes one remote monitoring device, two legal-quality reports, and unlimited training and tech support from our dedicated team. This gives your department the chance to learn how NoiseNet works and get a glimpse of how it could impact workflows, labour costs, and community results with less of a front loaded commitment; for existing customers, it’s a good opportunity to extend your monitoring for a lower price.

Additionally, for any plan commenced in June or July of 2023 with a pre-paid duration of longer than six months, you’ll get one month free on your first device! With this deal, you can lock in as long a duration as you like, letting your department use as much of your unspent budget as you like before you lose it at the end of the financial year. Not only is this great for your books, it’s a great way to curb nuisance noise in your jurisdiction, free up labour constraints, and streamline your noise complaint workflows.

For an example of what NoiseNet can offer, we recently spoke to Logan City, who utilise one of our largest install-bases at eight standard monitors plus one PinPoint directional monitor. Despite an increase in the volume of noise complaints the council has received over the past 18 months, the council have been able to reduce labour costs by 33%, and reduced the wait time for a noise complaint to be addressed from over fifteen weeks all the way down to an average of less than five. This has not only let them beat their “use it or lose it” budget problem by shuffling their costs from labour across to NoiseNet services, it’s also given their animal management officers a much better work-life balance and has meant that their local residents are having their noise complaints solved much faster..

The EOFY period is a tumultuous one for government departments, but services like NoiseNet are the perfect way to beat those “use it or lose it” budget puzzles in a way that helps your workers and your community. At the end of the day, noise pollution doesn’t care what time of year it is, but this is your best chance to fight back against it and keep your local area quiet. To take advantage of NoiseNet’s EOFY offer (whether you’re a new or existing customer!) head on over to before July 31.

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