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Introducing NoiseNet PinPoint

As the world gets noisier, government regulators, Environmental Health workers, Rangers, and anyone who needs to keep nuisance noise under control are facing ever-increasing workloads. They’re the ones who protect our tranquillity, our wildlife, and our environment, so making their lives easier is priority one here at NoiseNet.

That’s why NoiseNet is proud to introduce…

PinPoint is the newest in NoiseNet’s state-of-the-art line of noise monitoring hardware.

After an extensive pilot phase alongside the Darwin City Council, South Burnett Regional Council, Sunshine Coast Regional Council, and Toowoomba Regional Council, NoiseNet PinPoint is ready to meet the world.

PinPoint combines NoiseNet’s field-proven dedicated sound detection hardware with a suite of new upgrades to create an easy to use, plug-and-play solution for any noise monitoring need. Those upgrades are:

NATA certified microphones

NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities) accredits organisations to perform testing and inspection activities for their products and services. By having our microphone systems certified by NATA, we can assure our customers that we’re providing the highest quality hardware alongside a guarantee that all decibel measurements are 100% accurate. Additionally, NATA certification means our microphones are graded for use in the full range of environmental compliance jobs, even in very low background noise locations. Third-party certification also lends legal weight to your measurements, giving noise complaints much more authority when sent for governmental resolution.

We chose NATA to show that NoiseNet stands by international scientific standards for our noise measuring products.

Directional sound analysis

PinPoint’s directional microphone array contains eight NATA certified microphones which detect the subtle time differences between each to determine precisely where all sources of noise being detected originate from. This saves regulators the time and effort of traditional monitoring, which often requires multiple readings in different locations to determine precise noise sources.

Sound recognition AI

NoiseNet PinPoint’s upgraded AI boasts faster recognition of a broader range of sounds. With PinPoint, customers will be able to learn more about what is causing their nuisance noise, how long it occurred for, and where it came from, without hours of in-person monitoring. This provides immediate value in reporting, submitting complaints, and enforcing regulations.

Automated data collection

All data collected by PinPoint is automatically stored online in organised spreadsheets without any need for personal data entry. Automated data collection and reporting saves regulators extensive amounts of time and effort that can be better spent properly addressing the sources of nuisance noise.

User-friendly readout dashboards

Beyond just automated data collection, PinPoint provides customers with options for viewing their collected data beyond spreadsheet format. PinPoint automatically displays all readings for a given location in a clear, user-friendly dashboard that’s readable even without extensive environmental health knowledge.

And everything you’ve come to rely on from NoiseNet

All of these upgrades come in addition to NoiseNet’s weatherproofed hardware and simple set up process. All you need to do is attach the device to a pole, tree, or fence at your monitoring location, plug it into power, and the device will immediately begin monitoring.

Together, these features create the ultimate easy to use, plug and play solution for any noise monitoring need in any industry.

Visit NoiseNet and the PinPoint page to learn more about how NoiseNet can help Rangers and Environmental Health Officers improve their noise-related monitoring and conflict resolution. For more details about the applications of our smart noise monitoring technology and its directional capabilities, feel free to contact us, or request a discounted price trial for a month.

Visit to discover and adopt the latest in smart noise monitoring technology.

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