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How Strata Managers Can Address Noise Complaints with NoiseNet’s Help

With strata scheme buildings becoming more common across the globe, strata managers and body corporates need to learn how to address the common issues quickly and effectively in order to focus on more complex projects. With so many people living in close proximity and sharing recreational spaces, noise complaints are by far the most common issue that strata managers will face in their roles. And with potential noise issues arising from a variety of sources, like noisy residents, pets, air conditioning units, pool pumps, or construction and maintenance, it can be tough to pinpoint specific problems. Strata managers need solid data in order to address complaints quickly and cleanly. Luckily, NoiseNet was designed with exactly this scenario in mind.

NoiseNet is a remote noise monitoring system that uses advanced microphone arrays and machine learning to accurately measure and report on noise levels throughout an entire strata complex. This information can help strata managers and body corporates identify the source of a noise problem and take corrective action quickly.

NoiseNet’s services include real-time noise monitoring, automated reporting, and quick access to detailed data. It can be set up and broken down with ease, and there are strict privacy systems in place to ensure that nothing is recorded beyond sound level and source data – that means no conversations or personal information is kept in the NoiseNet system. One of the biggest benefits of NoiseNet is the technology behind the monitoring and reporting. NoiseNet’s sensors and machine learning algorithms combined are able to recognise particular noises at any time of day or night, meaning your data is both comprehensive and consistent, and you don’t need to stand around with a clipboard at all hours to catch noises that may or may not happen. This captured data is then automatically analysed and reported in daily summaries, reducing the workload of strata management in addressing noise issues.

But the real value of NoiseNet’s services comes from the results you’re delivered. Here’s a story from one of our first residential noise clients. Before leveraging NoiseNet, the local community leaders were dealing with endless complaints from residents who were disturbed by the constant loud noise coming out of a nearby pool pump in one resident’s property. Without proper data, they weren’t able to ascertain whether the pool pump was actually breaking any rules, and therefore whether they could do anything about it at a management level. While they could have spent time, money, and effort hiring a handheld monitor and logging decibel readings manually at all hours of the night, or even bringing in an environmental officer to do it for an even higher fee, the management decided to bring in a NoiseNet device instead. After quickly setting up the device in the right spot on the complex and letting the monitor run for a few days, the strata management were able to see, in NoiseNet’s data reports, the precise levels of noise across the whole complex, and then pinpoint out the pool pump’s decibel readings as identified by NoiseNet’s machine learning algorithm. With that data, they were finally able to confirm that the pool pump was indeed louder than regulations allowed, and management were able to work with the property owner to get the pump fixed and resolve the other residents’ complaints. This worked out to be quicker, easier, and cheaper than other options. And, with the help of NoiseNet, future noise complaints will be equally simple to solve.

Strata living can be a great way to be a part of a community, but it of course comes with its own unique challenges. Nuisance noises like machinery, parties, and pets are a common part of living in a close-knit community, but when they go too far something does need to be done to address them – and it’s up to strata managers to ensure that that happens. By using innovative technologies like NoiseNet, strata managers can quickly and efficiently resolve noise issues and help create a more peaceful and enjoyable living environment for the entire community.

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