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90 out of 72 noise complaints in just 7 months!

Nosy neighbour or Noisy neighbour?

"We're at breaking point," said an Auckland couple who live in Kāinga Ora. The incessant noise from their neighbor is destroying their lives, leaving them on the verge of collapse due to chronic sleeplessness and stress.

A recent upsurge of 72 complaints to the Auckland Council since March started when a female tenant moved into Avondale's Eastdale Rd. Residents were enraged by the woman's excessive noise day and night, leaving some sleeping in their car due to the condition it puts them in, despite pleading for authorities' help.

Even though a notice was served, officials admit they are unable to seize her stereo at the moment due to Auckland's Covid-19 lockdown rules.

On top of that, there have been concerns about screaming and fighting, as well as a patched gang member, that some individuals claim has made them feel intimidated.

With a total of 90 claims lodged, they resorted to wearing noise-canceling headphones in their homes. Owing to the severe vibrations that they felt throughout their property, a handful of homeowners were considering selling their houses.

"It's been seven months of hell," one of the residents remarked. "I can't live like this anymore," he added, weeping as he suffers from chronic sleeplessness, post-traumatic stress disorder, and hypersensitivity to music.

And finally, with the joint efforts, Auckland Council Compliance Response and Investigations has at long last put an end to the trauma.

Team leader David Frith said noise control officers had seized stereo equipment during a previous inspection and delivered a notice this month, with fines up to $750 per occurrence possible. It also states that noise-making equipment may be seized, and if the order is not complied with, further action may be taken.

Don't let your town be the next one without peace!

Noise pollution is a very real public health issue. So we are calling out Cities, Town and Councils to take advantage of our free trials to see how NoiseNet can help you resolve these noise nuisance complaints.

Give your ears freedom from noise.

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