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Why am I always tired?

If you're pulling long days at the office and staying up binging Netflix, then you probably already know the answer. For some people though, an interrupted sleep is enough to drive them mad with wondering why they feel so tired, constantly.

Lifestyle changes are the most likely cause and should be your first focus to change. Some of these include drinking more water, eating a balanced diet and of course - going to bed at a reasonable hour to maximise sleep.

If none of this makes a difference, it's always good practice to consult a healthcare professional, in case your fatigue is a symptom of an underlying medical condition.

Other than this, have you ever considered that perhaps you feel so tired because you are constantly being woken up- without realising it?

Sounds over 40dB are enough to rouse even someone who considers themselves a 'deep' sleeper. This is just slightly louder rain, such as talking or a hushed television.

There is a way to avoid being at the mercy of sound while you rest. Taking control of sound is time-consuming, but it might make all the difference to your sleep, and you'll feel more energised because of it.

1. Minimise indoor noises This can be done by making sure your load of washing has finished before your head hits the pillow. Same goes for dishwashers or ice makers. Unexpected beeping or whooshing can wake you up, even if you aren't aware of it.

2. Silence your phone Duh, this sounds obvious, but vibrations are included in this one.

3. Move the furniture Placing bookshelves against shared walls is an easy way to muffle the unwanted sounds coming through walls.

4. Invest in some weaponry Noise-canceling earplugs can do wonders for canceling out the hum of roommates music or the sound of your snoring partner next to you.

5. Get out your gardening gloves Planting a line of trees or shrub on the side of the house where the noise is coming from is a great way to muffle sounds. They have to be planted close together for this to work.

6. Make sure windows and doors are airtight There's not worse than waking up to a creaky door or a draft coming through windows. Take the time to seal any gaps in your window frames and tighten those door brackets - you will be thanking yourself for it at 3 am.

If you try out some of these methods in your own home, you might just find that you are less tired when your alarm sounds in the morning.

For more help about why you may be feeling lethargic, you should consult your healthcare professional.

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