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Dream homes free from noise

The UK Website Plentific has published a survey on how noise sources impact peoples interest in a dream home.

As you can probably guess, NoiseNet concurs with the importance. But there are some things they have missed. Firstly, a dream home will always avoid noise sources. The reality is that 99% of buyers don't buy their dream, they have to compromise, and noise is part of that compromise.

Noise levels influencing homebuyers (ref

My own survey suggests that noise is underated before people buy (at item 5-6 on the pick list). But is #1 or #2 in terms of the most significant issues after buying. I also think that it is more often the unknown noise sources that are the biggest issue. Things like Air-conditioners, Dogs, Noisy Neigbours or unexpected traffic noise.

Anyway, noise can't be ignored when you are buying. Let NoiseNet help you avoid this risk.

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