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Its not all 'location, location, location' for first home buyers

Domain reports today that Noise levels in strata properties is an increasingly important factor in purchasing decisions. Many now opting for quieter properties that don't have the "location factor". But how do you know if a property has, or will have noise problems?

Brisbane house hunter chooses noise levels over location

In new-build construction, there are a few key factors you can look for to ensure noise will not be a problem:

  • Architecture Quality - is privacy designed in, are noise sources exposed to the living areas.

  • Engineering Quality - how thick are walls, is there insulation in ceilings, walls? Are windows/doors double glazed? How is plumbing and other services managed?

  • Build Quality - gaps, openings, incomplete insulation can ruin a good design

  • Strata Rules - are noise levels / curfews specified? Are there mechanisms to control compliance?

In existing properties, you can check these factors, but you can also measure the noise levels. It is inexpensive to monitor the noise levels on a 24/7 basis and doing so will reduce the risk of you having noise issues.

If you are worried about a particular property, get in touch with NoiseNet and we can help you address all of these issues and get that peaceful property you are looking for.

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