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The history of NoiseNet

Today I was at River City Labs a start-up accelerator in Brisbane when we were visited by Malcolm Turnbull, his entourage and a myriad of TV cameras.

Lots of people were asking questions, and the main one I got was "Where did you get the idea from?"

To answer in short, it is something that was probably dreamed up in one of the following places throughout my life:

  • Botany St, Kingsford, NSW The cross runway caused 90 second breaks in conversation every 3 minutes during easterly winds.

  • Beaumont Street, Hamilton, NSW A local pub closed at 3am every Friday and Saturday night sending a screaming, bottle throwing mob past our house.

  • Al-Mushrif, Abu Dhabi. A cheap rental, only 50 metres from the nearest mosque and it's pre-sunrise call to prayer at well over 80 Decibels

  • Hawthorne, QLD. A combination of raging kookaburras at sunrise, capped off by incessant dog-barking during day, evening and night.

Maybe I (and/or the family) am more sensitive to noise than most people. But what I do know is that if noise levels are more than you can bear, then those living arrangements are probably not right for you.

So for me, NoiseNet is a way to make sure I don't make one of those mistakes again. But why just use it for myself? I am hoping that other people can get value from it also. So that is where I am, trying to make that a reality, so you can enjoy your home and get a good nights sleep.

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