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NoiseNet takes our next technical leap

Introducing NoiseNet 

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Where is The Noise Coming From?

To make a major step-forward in our service quality and value we are bringing two upgrades together into a single device-service combination:

  • The use of a certified microphone system to provide NATA calibrated decibel readings allowing our service to confidently complete environmental health type work

  • The use of a multi-microphone array to determine the incident direction of impulsive, or above background noise sources.

  • Coupled with new and better ways of reporting and displaying the results.

Together these upgrades are enhancing the service provided by NoiseNet by more confidently assessing noise pollution/nuisance and giving our customers a faster and more efficient way of resolving a significantly broader range of noise complaints.

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Protecting Tranquility

Improving Lives







Dog barking (duration + dB), with directional data (general impulsive noise)

PinPoint & AI

Dog barking (duration + direction + AI dog detection)



PinPoint & AI

Dog barking, as for month 2 plus  
Industrial Noise (duration + direction + dB) Reports only

PinPoint & AI
Industrial Dash

Dog barking, as for month 2 plus  
Industrial Noise (duration + direction + dB) Reports & pilot stage dashboard


PinPoint & AI
Industrial Dash

Dog barking, as for month 2 plus  
Industrial Noise (duration + direction + dB) Reports & final stage dashboard

Environmental Noise and Animal Noise

The PinPoint product doesn’t just bring together our Artificial Intelligence driven noise recognition and directional monitoring, but we have now included a certified noise monitoring microphone, meaning the technology is equally at-home assessing environmental and noise compliance jobs as it is with dog-barking and other animal noise.

In this pilot, we are ideally looking for participants that bring together both parties for a 5 month trial:


5 month trial over a 5-6 month period. We are looking for 2 primary and up to 4 secondary partners.


  • Pricing $4750 ex GST billed up front. Customers on pre-paid accounts will be charged at $950 per fully completed month of testing.

  • Ongoing pricing at $950 per device per month (or 15% cheaper than our tier 1 pricing, whichever is lower, forever)

  • Directional reports during the trial charged at $475 each. NOTE there may be limitations on the number can be carried out concurrently.


This program offers you the opportunity to use Pinpoint in a real working environment. Working with both your animal management team and (ideally) with your environmental team.

There are significant benefits to participating in our pilots

  • First access to the pilot, meaning faster and more definitive resolution of noise complaints

  • Priority access to PinPoint devices after the pilot

  • The ability to shape our new service to best meet your needs

  • Permanently discounted pricing

  • Publicity for your council and your team, directly supported by NoiseNet via joint conference presentations and/or media releases.

Our Previous Pilot Partners

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