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Introducing PinPoint, our New,
Directional Smart Noise Monitor


The Directional Smart Noise Monitor, in addition to the

standard decibel readings and audio-based sound

identification, provides:

  • Directional identification of impulsive noises (up to 4 at any one time) in proximity of the sensor

  • Ability to map noise sources, showing whether noise is coming through walls, via structural elements

  • Ability to identify other noise sources in the environment (such as resident noise) to ensure that this does not obscure the detection of alleged nuisance noise.

This monitor is perfectly suited to situations when it is necessary to identify the directional source of noise and to provide filtered directional noise for recognition purposes.

Keep scrolling for a short video introduction to PinPoint, and request a discounted trial via the form on this page.



AI Driven Noise Recognition

Automatically distinguishing the problem noise from other noise types

Screen Shot 2021-05-14 at 12.00.59 PM.png


Legal Quality Duration & Noise Intensity Data

NATA certified microphone measuring dB(A/C) to assess real impact

Directional Image.JPG


Directional Monitoring to PinPoint the direction of noise source

Directional microphone array locating direction of impulsive/ continuous noise sources

How it works

If you are a resident or member of the public with a noise issue you cant solve, Click the applicable button on the right and we will see if we can assist you with smart noise monitoring.

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