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NoiseNet Business Case Video

The NoiseNet Business Case has been generated in conjuction with a number of customer who wanted to assess the financial impacts of the NoiseNet service on their budgets.  The model is based on the use of a Tier 1 service contract with NoiseNet, measuring the cost of the service and the likely financial benefits of using the service.  The model includes: 

  • Speed of case closure

  • Labour hours involved in case closure (including call centre impacts)

  • Vehicle and Overtime costs associated with closing cases

  • Legal or other enforcement costs

  • The cost of the NoiseNet service

The model is designed around you putting in the relevant data for your Council.  The starting values are based on discussions with a number of our existing customers, but each council (and State) is different.

We only provide the business case template to our customers who have completed a trial.  We know that until you have used the service, you cannot fully understand the benefits (or not) to your process.  The good news is that these are currently (Q2 2021) free.  If you want to carry out a free trial please sign up via this LINK

Business Case Spreadsheet Walkthrough

NoiseNet Dog-Barking Business Case Template

NoiseNet Dog-Barking Business Case Template

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If, after reviewing the video, you still have questions, or have suggestions on how we can improve this template.  Please get in touch by phone or better, book a web-call so we can review your spreadsheet in real time.  See the links below.

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