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How to lodge a complaint?

Building Work Noise

If building noise is causing a nuisance and is outside allowable hours, Council will need to attend the site and affected address to conduct an investigation. BCC urges customers to report these complaints by phoning on 07 3403 8888 to ensure a prompt response can be made.

Time                                   Day                                              Note

6.30pm to 6.30am            Monday to Saturday                 No audible noise allowed

Anytime                             Sunday or public holiday         If a Public Holiday falls on a Saturday then normal Saturday restrictions apply


Barking Dog 

Submit a dog complaint online. Click here





Permitted air conditioning noise levels

Time                                    Day                                  Noise limit

7am to 10pm                    Every day                     Noise no louder than five decibels (A) above background noise

10pm to 7am                    Every day                     No more than three decibels (A) above background noise


If you have engaged with the council and you didn't find a solution, we are happy to assist.

Please fill out our noise complaint surveys to help you with your problem. 

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