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NoiseNet Has Moved to the Next Phase of Trials in Singapore

After a long series of tests and trials in public housing units, NoiseNet is very excited to be moving to the next phase of noise monitoring trials in Singapore!

Conducted alongside Singapore’s Ministry of National Development (MND) and Fonda Global, the first phase of the trials were primarily focused on proving that NoiseNet devices actually work: setting them up in a controlled environment, turning them on for two minutes, making a noise in a particular direction, then showing the data that the device captured showing the noise direction and intensity.

The next phase will have the devices turned on for longer periods of time, to show more comprehensive data collection in a “heatmap” style approach that will allow MND’s Noise Management Officers to better understand the noise happening in their jurisdictions.

While those tests are being conducted by MND and Fonda, we’re at work building the implementation plan for after trials are complete. Currently, MND aims to use NoiseNet devices for short, early-stage screening periods of about one week at a time in response to noise complaints. The data collected there will be vital in assisting the Noise Management Officers with negotiation and mediation, allowing complaints and disagreements to be rapidly resolved without needing to take them into legal action.

Celebrating the approval of the FondaGlobal/NoiseNet MoU at the Fonda Global Academy - a smart city training centre in Singapore.

As the officers grow more accustomed to the NoiseNet technology, we also aim to up our automation offerings, reducing the waiting times for reports and increasing detection accuracy. As we both scale together, we aim to build a more customised device that allows for rapid deployment and scaleup. Initially, the pilot project will be conducted in a “Town Council” area of 150,000 residents, giving us ample opportunities to customise the service for the requirements and specific needs for operating in Singapore.

Additionally, we’ve signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Fonda Global technology group to exclusively deliver smart noise monitoring services in Singapore. This includes a non-exclusive agreement to work cooperatively to expand our noise monitoring/assessment services and their smart city platform across the entire Asia Pacific region.

This is an amazing opportunity for a small Queensland business that started with just two guys and a phone in a box, and we can’t overstate how fantastic it has been to meet and work with every single one of our new MND and Fonda Global colleagues. We’re excited to find out what’s next on the horizon!

The joint Ministry of National Development, Fonda Global and NoiseNet teams in the field after completing the phase 3 trials.
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