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NoiseNet Tests NATA certified noise microphones on our smart noise monitor

For 18 months NoiseNet has been focussing on delivering noise monitoring solutions using long-term monitoring and artificial intelligence to carry out activities previously only possible by people (with a lot of time on their hands).

For that time our customers have been asking whether we can provide NATA certified noise results which will have greater impact in enforcement processes and in the courts.

Test version of NATA certified smart-noise monitor

Well that time is near. We are currently testing a modified smart noise monitor that incorporates a second microphone into the device. Providing all the unique services we normally do, but with better quality decibel readings.

If all goes well with our testing, we will be releasing the product for ongoing use.

It will be most applicable for environmental noise type applications where decibels are an important factor in the assessment.

It is also proposed for use in a range of other exciting applications we are developing in the aviation noise and entertainment noise sector.

If you want to know more. Please get in touch on 1800 266 479

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