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Directional Smart Noise Monitor

The Directional Smart Noise Monitor is paired with one of the above devices and in addition to the standard decibel readings and audio-based sound identification it provides:

  • Directional identification of impulsive noises (up to 4 at any one time) in proximity of the sensor

  • Ability to map noise sources, showing whether noise is coming through walls, via structural elements

  • Ability to identify other noise sources in the environment (such as resident noise) to ensure that this does not obscure the detection of alleged nuisance noise

This monitor is selected when it is necessary to identify the directional source of noise and to provide filtered directional noise for recognition purposes.

Directional Monitor.png

NoiseNet is focussed on automated solutions that drive cost-effective monitoring for our customers.  For this reason, we have limited capacity to carry out these types of jobs while we build the automated process.  If you have any non dog-barking noise complaint, please advise us BEFORE placing a monitor in the field.  This will allow us to confirm you have the right technology.  Confirm the types of results you need and the costs of providing those results and provide you with an estimate of the time to produce the required results.

We apologise for this additional step in th eprocess but it is important that both you and NoiseNet have a clear understanding of the work and deliverables before commencement.  This step will also help us maximise the speed with which we develop faster, more automated and cheaper analysis tools - ultimately delivering you a better service.


To assist in communication of your needs, we recommend you complete a monitoring request form, which will help step you through providing us with all the data required. 

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